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Welcome to BalluCabs.com is a unit of BALLUSERVICES.COMbrings you a hassle-free, convenient, safe and exceptional intercity cab rental service, the quality of which cannot be compared with any other drive of the fleet. This cab rental venture was established with a vision of easing the hardships of commuters who find it extremely hard to book their ride for city-to-city travel. Further fueling our drive; our promise of constant reliability, unshakable ethics and exceptional service gives us an advantage over the competitors.

We offer online taxi booking for customers with one way fares, return journeys and multi city booking. Our vision is to give freedom of choice to our customers worldwide for traveling where they wish to while saving cost and at the same time benefit the taxi drivers with increased business. We thrive on your feedback and suggestions. Whatever your needs are and wherever you want the road to take you, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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